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Children's event entertainment in Adelaide

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What we do for children's events in Adelaide...

Are you tired of running face painting at your events where only one or two children at a time can be involved? We love to make sure as many children as possible can be involved in the entertainment, so we run interactive areas with either crafts or games to include at least 20 children at a time.

With ten years experience entertaining kids all over Adelaide, we know how to make sure the children at your next event have a fantastic time! Whether you plan an indoor event or outdoor event everything we do is suitable for boys and girls of all ages - so everyone can join the fun.

When you book children's event entertainment with us, our staff will set up equipment to create a kid's area that is a beehive of colour and excitement, enchanting kids and attracting visitors. (see below for further details).

We tailor our activities to your event and your requirements, and offer either craft only options - or a combination of themed crafts, team games, music and interactive activities.

Over the years we have dazzled children at dozens of private and community events. These have included weddings, christenings, corporate Christmas functions, craft markets, school holiday sessions for libraries and shopping centres as well as many community events.

Children's craft stations - perfect for 'drop in' events

Shopping centres | community events | corporate events | weddings | christenings - and more!

Since their launch in early 2011, our children's craft stations have been a massive hit for kid's event entertainment! Using our years of experience, we designed and custom built these stations to be extremely appealing to kids, stylish enough to make a huge visual impact at any event, and of course FUN! They are priced to be affordable yet bring a professional and eye catching area to appeal to parents with kids of all ages - both boys and girls. They include child sized tables, chairs, colourful table canopies, signage, all craft equipment, staff and more.

Each craft event runs for a minimum of 2 hours and is co-ordinated by at least two of our staff. Our crafts can be themed to match an event and may include items such as door hangers, wooden character magnets, photo frames, gift boxes, beading and much, much more.... Each event caters for up to 20 children at one time, allowing approximately 120 - 150 children to participate within a 2 hour event time. You can always choose to extend the time of your event if you wish.

You can choose a single theme for a one day event, or book a range of themes for different days. There are special event themes to tie in with major calendar events including Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc, or choose from our range of year round themes including: Pirate & Mermaid, Monster Madness, Fairies & Wizards, Dinosaur or Jungle Adventure. With enough notice, we are able to work with you to accommodate almost any theme you would like to run.

Prices can vary greatly depending on specific requirements so please contact us to discuss your event and we will be happy to provide a quote for you.

Craft and games - great for confirmed number events

weddings | christenings | 40th birthdays | library events | corporate events - and more!

If you are planning an event where you have a fixed time with children present - a craft and games option can work perfectly. This is a great kid's entertainment option for large adult celebrations where you want the children entertained, for libraries, or smaller council events where bookings will be taken - and can also work really well for corporate functions or Christenings and Weddings if there is an area exclusively for the kids! Exactly as it sounds, these events include a mixture of fun team games, props and music, as well as crafts. Generally they run for between 1 1/2 - 2 hours and are often themed.

Christmas events: kid's entertainment

corporate staff Christmas parties | end of year Christmas events

One of the most popular themes for our craft and games option is our Kid's Christmas events - perfect for corporate staff Christmas parties - or any other end of year celebration with children! These are a huge amount of fun and run for 1 1/2 - 2 hours depending on the number of children at your event. Our Christmas events include Christmas backdrops to set the atmosphere, loads of Christmas props and original games as well as gorgeous crafts at our custom festive craft stations. Games include a reindeer relay, Christmas tree decorating, Christmas bingo and so many more. Our staff are dressed as santa's helpers - and can also organise and hand out children's gifts on the day if you wish. To receive full details of our Christmas events, or to book in early, please contact us.

Book me in before I miss out!

If you are ready to book your event in, or would like to chat with us about your options, call us on 8336 1605, or contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you!

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