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Jobs at Groovy Chicks & Pirate Ships

Our team of party professionals....

Our fantastic team are a huge part of our company's success so you need to be pretty special to gain employment with us! If you have what it takes though, we will do everything we can to make sure it is THE most enjoyable and rewarding job you will ever have.

We hire new staff approximately every three months. How many people we hire depends on how busy we are, and also on whether or not any of our wonderful staff are having to leave us. Generally staff remain with us for as long as they possibly can before having to leave casual work to enter the 'real world' of full time employment. If only being a fairy or a pirate could be a full time job!

Our fantastic team usually consists of between 15 and 20 staff at any one time.

We generally employ no more than two new hosting staff at one time to make sure we can train staff effectively.

Please read the below job descriptions and send in an application if you're interested in working with us. Although we can not guarantee we will have a position available immediately, if we love your application we will contact you when we are hiring next.

Party Hosting Positions (Age 18 +)

As a kid's party and event host with Groovy Chicks and Pirate Ships you will find yourself running parties for customers in homes around Adelaide as well as at our Mile End party venue. You will also be involved with running events for councils, libraries, and community events around Adelaide. You MUST be a confident, bubbly, friendly and energetic person who understands the joys and challenges of working with children, as well as having the highest customer service skills. This job is hard work, and there is a lot to learn in the first couple of months, so please understand it is not simply dressing up and storytelling all day! Your personality must exude friendliness and you're someone who generally never stops smiling. This position requires a love of dressing up in costumes, interacting with kids and the general ability to look silly all day long and enjoy every minute of it. For genuine, happy, confident and reliable individuals - this is the perfect casual position. 

We are looking for people who have demonstrated experience in public speaking, performance, leadership, music, acting, dance or other backgrounds which have given you valuable confidence in performing in front of groups and audiences.  Experience with children is fantastic but not a requirement. You will need to obtain a police check to gain employment with us. Staff usually work one shift a week on a weekend, so you must be available at least one full day EVERY weekend. This is essential to this position. 

To apply, please write a DETAILED application letter to Kate Fisher, (including a recent photo of yourself) outlining why you would be perfect for this position, and what experience you have with entertaining and/or working with children. Including a photo helps us remember faces as we go through the recruitment process. Please note: to apply for these positions you must speak fluent English

Any resumes received WITHOUT a detailed application letter will not be considered. 

Please email applications to

Junior Party Venue Assistants ( Age 15 - 18 years)

As a party venue assistant your main task is to help our hosts and venue manager by assisting in the preparation and running of our venue parties. Often there is also an opportunity to be promoted into a party hosting position when age and experience permits.

Some of the main tasks of our party venue assistants include:

  • Expressing a friendly and bubbly manner at all times.

  • Greeting and welcoming parents and children to the venue

  • Preparing basic hot and cold party food such as chips, fairy bread, toasties and fruit as well as following stringent food handling procedures

  • Kitchen cleaning duties and washing up

  • Assisting party hosts with the running of parties

  • Providing customer service to all parents who stay at our venue throughout the party

  • Some money handling

  • Shifts vary but average around 5 hours in length a week.

  • You must be available at least one day every weekend.

If interested in applying, please read the above job description carefully and write a letter explaining how you have the above skills and why you would be great for this job.

Please email applications to

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